Online Reservation Procedures

(Note: Online reservation will be only entertain right after all the reservation made by the faculty are posted at the webpage)


1.1. Check Library Website and click AV SERVICES to find out if a venue is available, or a date is still open for reservation.

 1.2. Call  the AV Office, local 2300 to  reserve the vacant AVRLIB, AVRCIT and BR (board room)

 1.3. Download two copies and fill up the reservation forms.

 1.4. If the reservation of  AVRlib, AVRCIT and BR exceeded to  3 hours or more, write the Director of Libraries for the approval.

 1.5.  Send  the reservation form already signed by the Dean/Chairman at  AV office for the use of AVRLIB and BOARD ROOM  and CITAV OFFICE for the use of AVRCIT within 12 hours for final confirmation.


General Policies
2.1. The AV facilities are primarily intended to support/supplement the curriculum and teaching need of the faculty, although other related educational activates may be accepted. However, the AV facilities are not substitute classrooms.
2.2. University personnel and recognized student organizations may use the facilities when their requests do not conflict with curricular and teaching use.
2.3. The person/s applying for reservations and the person recommending approval of the application shall assume, with the association/group/department/office represented, full responsibility for any financial obligation, claims or damages arising directly or indirectly in the use of facilities and AV resources.


AVR1 -  Maximum of 100 participants and equipped with:

3.1  Internet connection
3.2 LCD/DLP projector

3.3 Sound System (Amplifier)

3.4 Computer

3.5 DVD player

3.6 Transparency projector

3.7 White Board

3.8 Stage

AVR CIT Maximum of 100 participants

3.1  Internet connection
3.2 LCD/DLP projector

3.3 Sound System (Amplifier)

3.4 Computer

3.5 DVD player

3.7 White Board


Board Room (BR) - Maximum of 20 participants and equipped with:

3.16 Internet connection
3.17 LCD/DLP projector

3.18 Sound System (Amplifier)

3.19 DVD Player

3.20 Computer

3.21 White Board

3.22 Square table discussion


The facility can also accommodate non-projection university-sponsored activity having guest lectures/visitors provided it does not conflict with curricular/instructional use.

Use of the Library Board Room
The Library Board Room is primarily reserved for the use of the University President and also for meetings of the Academic Vice-President. At all times, a reservation shall be cancelled in favor of a reservation made by the president. Other XU Departments or Offices wanted to avail Library Board Room should ask the approval from the Office of the XU President and to the Director of Libraries.

General Conditions Governing the Use of the AV Facilities:

4.1. The AV staff shall be responsible for deciding which AV facility (AVRLIB, AVRCIT & BR) shall be utilized.
4.2 No group shall be allowed to monopolize the use of a facility. The frequency of AV use shall be a maximum of 3 meetings for MWF classes and also 3 meetings for TTH classes for AVRLIB and 10 meetings for MWF classes and also 10 meetings for TTH classes for AVRCIT.
4.3 Instruction-related activities are given priority in the use of the viewing rooms. As a general rule, the use of the facilities for extra-curricular activities shall be limited to the Student Activity Hour and Saturdays.
4.4 Being class-oriented, the activities should follow the regular class period observed in the college department and materials utilized should not go beyond such period. This is to avoid unnecessary disruption in the class schedule of the succeeding users.
4.5 Class users are encouraged to use the audiovisual collection. Materials taken from outside sources need endorsement from the Department Chair or Program Head.
4.6 All AV materials and equipment are used within the designated areas only.

4.7 The AV Office will not accept any AVR reservation during Major Exams,  (mid-term and Final) except request from President Office, Academic Vice President and from CIT Director due to Student Assistants departmental exam schedule.
4.8 Use of electric instruments, installation of additional power connection and special light/smoke effects, additional or removal/re-arrangement of furnitures and fixtures should be referred first to the AV Office and have the approval of the Physical Plant Supervisor.
4.9 SMOKING, EATING, DRINKING is STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside the facilities. The person in charge of the group using the facility shall be expected to cooperate fully in implementing this rule.
4.10 The use of decorations directly on the walls of any AV facility or Boardroom is not allowed. Please see the AV Librarian for alternate decorating procedures.
4.11 Prior clearance is needed from appropriate University officials when inviting resource persons who are not members of the University community. For Academic activities- Office of the Academic Vice-President, For Extra-curricular activities- Office of Student Affairs, For Co-curricular activities- College Dean or Department Chair, for University Units - Office of the President and for CIT curricular activities- CIT Director. This clearance is necessary to be able to use the facilities.
4.12 The Library reserves the right to cancel or revoke confirmed reservations in cases of mis-representations and/or violation of the policies, rules, and regulations. Likewise, the Library shall deny future requests from applicants for any infraction of the guidelines stipulated herein.
4.12. AV facilities can be used during work days and/or class hours only. The use of the facilities outside of these times shall depend upon the availability of the AV staff and the reserving group shall be responsible for the overtime pay of the AV staff.

5.1. Reservation for the use of the AV Rooms will be made on Semestral bases and  normally start a week right after the adding and dropping of subjects for each semester. It is made at the AV Office, 1st floor, Library Annex for XU main campus and CIT AV Office located at the 1st floor CIT building for CIT campus.

          5.2. A reservation can be made online when all reservations are posted at the Library AV Webpage by calling local no.

5.3. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. (Remember that priority is given to teaching/curriculum needs)
5.4. Reservation forms should be accompanied by the approved non-regular classroom activities as indicated in the faculty Manual, P. 68-69.
5.5. A reservation entered in the log is only tentative and shall be considered CONFIRMED only when the AV reservation form is properly accomplished and returned to the AV Office within 12 hours the reservation is made. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled and given to another group.
5.6. The reserving group is advised to keep its copy of the reservation form in case conflicts or questions arise.
5.7. Members of the university community are not charged any fees. When using the facilities in instruction or co-curricular related activities during regular Audio Visual Office hours: 7:30 a.m-7:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, 8:00am-5:00 p.m. Saturdays.

6.1 The reserving group charges admission or registration fees. AVRLIB and AVRCIT assessment shall be 50% of the existing rate (800.00) times the actual number of hours the facility has been used for activities/seminars sponsored by XU Departments or Offices.

6.2 Activities/seminars conducted by outside institutions facilitated or co-sponsored by XU Office or Department, the assessment shall be at 800.00 for AVRLIB and AVRCIT facility times the actual number of hours. Payment should be made in advance to the University Finance Office.
6.3 The AV staff works beyond the regular library hour, overtime pay shall be 150% of the hourly rate of the regular employee or student assistant during working days and 200% during non-working days. Overtime fee for AV Staff is separate from AVR facilities fee and  should be paid directly to the staff on duty.

7.1 Any cancellation in the reservation or alteration in the purpose for which the room was applied for, should be relayed to the AV Librarian at least two (2) days before the date of the proposed activity.

8.1 The faculty member in-charge, the adviser, moderator, or person who acts as such, should be personally present all throughout the activity and shall be responsible for the after-care maintenance of the facility.

9.1 All cost/damage will be charged against the association/group/department/office and institute, headed by or subject to the jurisdiction of the authority recommending the approval of the application.

10.1 All complaints regarding the use of the AV facilities and/or the services of the AV staff shall be addressed in writing to the Director of Libraries, copy furnished the AV Librarian.

OTHER SERVICES: A variety of resources are provided to help improve and facilitate instruction. These resources include:
11.1 CDs/DVD's Audio

       11.2 CDs/DVDs Movie

       11.3 VHS tapes conversion to CD/DVD digital format

       11.4 Slides conversion to pdf/ppt format

       11.5 Transparency conversion to pdf/ppt format

       11.6 Cassette tapes conversion to cd/dvd format

       11.7 Downloading of educational movies upon request

       11.8 Borrowing of LCD/DLP for classroom use and to be returned after classes.

 11.9 Audio CDs/sound cassettes may be loaned out for overnight use to members of the University community only.

 11.10 CDs/DVDs film may be loaned out for classroom viewing and should be returned after the classes.

 11.11 Borrowers shall  leave  the necessary identification at the AV Office and shall fill in the borrower’s card.

 11.12 Users are held responsible for  whatever damages are found on the material during its use. it is advisable to check the material

 properly in the  presence of the AV staff before using.

 11.13 Clearance will not be signed unless accountabilities are settled.
 11.14 The Library periodically conducts lectures and seminar-workshops on the proper and effective use of instructional media.

The use of the facilities and resources of the Audiovisual are subject to the general conditions governing its use as set and prescribed in the general policies. Only recognized student organizations may use the AV facilities and resources.

12.1 Use is limited to one class period during the Student Activity Hour.
12.2 If more than one hour is required, the organization is advised to hold the activity on Saturday.
12.3 Sunday reservations are not allowed.
12.4 Activities held in any of the facilities are subject to conditions on the use of the specific facility (see under Facilities).
12.5 As a general rule, general assemblies, membership meetings, auditions, interviews, orientation meetings are not allowed in any of the facilities.
12.6 Reservation for activities not included in the Office of Student Affairs list of activities will not be entertained.
12.7 Equipments and materials permanently assigned in any of the facilities are used only within the facilities.