Who can use Xavier University's (XU) libraries?
Xavier's libraries serve, first and foremost, the University's current faculty, students, staff and researchers who hold valid XU IDs.
Are the XU Libraries (XUL) open to the public?
Outside researchers, including XU alumni/alumnae, members of the Academic Libraries Information Network (ALINET) and the American Studies Association (ASA), are accommodated only on Saturdays.  For specific information click Policies for Visiting Researchers.
Who can use the online databases available through the XUL web site?
The online databases are limited to current XU students, faculty, staff and researchers who hold XU IDs.  However, the rest of the e-resources and research guides by subject listed on the web site are open to the public.
How can I find out if XUL has a particular book, periodical, electronic resource, or audiovisual material?
Click   http://library.xu.edu.ph:65535/webopac/main       to search XUL's holdings of books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, e-resources, and more.   
I am an XU alumni/alumnae.  Can I use the XU libraries?
Please click Policies for Visiting Researchers.




































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