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Members (as of March 2007)

Aguilar College Foundation  (9/8/98)


Lyceum of Iligan Foundation


Philippine College Foundation


Agusan College (9/8/98)


Mindanao Arts and Technological Institute  (2/25/00)


Pilgrim Christian College  (7/21/98)


Ateneo de Davao University  (03/03/05)


Mindanao Polytechnic State  College*  (9/9/88)


Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College


Bukidnon State University (9/8/98)


Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital College


Sacred Heart School Calamba  (2/25/00)                                                

Camiguin Polytechnic State College


Mindanao State University  (9/24/01)


Saint Columban College


Capitol University*  (9/9/88)


Misamis Institute of Technology  (7/22/99)


San Agustin Institute of Technology


Caraga Institute of Technology  (9/8/98)


Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture & Technology  (2/25/00)


San Isidro College  (6/24/03)


Central Mindanao University  (9/8/98)


Misamis University  (2/25/00)


St. Paul University-Surigao  (10/10/01)


Christ the King College  (9/8/98)


Mountain View College  (9/8/99)


Southern de Oro Philippines College  (8/4/98)


COC-PHNMA*  (9/9/88)


MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology  (3/8/00)


St. Michael's College (Iligan)  (11/19/99)


Fatima College of Camiguin  (11/9/99)


Northern Mindanao College of Arts, Science & Trade  (2/25/00)


St. Peter's College of Balingasag  (11/19/99)


Fr. Saturnino Urios University  (9/9/98)


Northern Mindanao State Institute of Science & Technology  (11/19/99)


St. Peter's College (Iligan)  (9/9/98)


Iligan Capitol College


Notre Dame of Dadiangas University  (3/29/03)


St. Rita's College of Balingasag  (9/9/98)


Iligan Medical Center  (10/11/01)


Notre Dame of Kidapawan  (9/24/01)


STI College (Cagayan de Oro)  (10/10/01)


Immaculate Conception College-La Salle  (7/22/99)


Notre Dame of Marbel University


Suirgao Sur Institute of Technology (10/10/01)


Jamiatul Philippine-Al Islamia, Marawi City


Notre Dame University  (5/7/02)


University of Mindanao  (11/18/04)


Liceo de Cagayan University*  (9/9/88)


Oro Bible College  (9/24/01)


West Agusan College (9/9/98)


Lourdes College*  (9/9/88)


Oro Institute of Technology  (6/14/99)


Xavier University*  (9/8/88)